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Portfolio Category: Lenses & Frames

High Definition Lenses

For the first time, high definition lenses, also known as digital lenses, are now available. These advanced technology lenses offer a number of benefits over traditionally surfaced lenses. The quality of a high definition lens is similar to the quality of a digital camera. The higher the pixel...
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Scratch Protection

Although no lens material is “scratch-proof,” it’s important to protect your new lenses with a scratch resistant treatment. Scratch protection is the best way to keep your lenses looking good as new! Lenses with the best scratch protection are treated on the front and backside with a clear,...
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Proper Lens Care Instructions

At Insight Eyecare Center, we understand that your eyewear is not just a medical necessity; it’s a fashion accessory too! Protect your investment and keep looking your best by following these proper lens care instructions. Unfortunately, 80% of lens scratches occur by cleaning eyewear incorrectly. Protect your investment...
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